Never write clinical notes again.


How it works


Kiroku is Japanese for "to document, to record or to take minutes of".

Our sophisticated natural language system can pick up context in a conversation between you and the patient and automatically write your clinical notes for you.

Kiroku knows what is relevant and what is irrelevant. It can integrate seamlessly into your work flow, and we can have you up and running in 5 minutes.

We are currently trialling the product to a closed group of beta testers. If you want to join our waiting list or learn more, please click below.


Video Demo



Voice Recognition

State of the art voice recognition to understand the setting of the conversation.

Language Processing

Interpreting conversations & extracting segments into clinical notes.

Machine Learning

Using AI algorithms to personalise content over time.

Seamless Integration

An effortless switch to increase efficiency & convenience.

Real Time

The notes will be generated by the end of each consultation.

Context Understanding

Our smart AI can grasp different forms of language.




Hannah Burrow

Co-founder & CEO

Hannah is a qualified dentist who has worked in practice, hospitals and public health. She finds taking notes to be incredibly boring.


Jay Shah

Co-founder & CTO

Jay has a MPhil from University of Cambridge and has spent a number of years in Natural Language Processing research.


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